We have redisigned our shipping carton and added UPS as a shipping option.

UPS has installed some new policys a high dollar sheet is required with each insured package

this must be signed by the ups depot and your reciever this should give your monitor more protection.

we will ship on your UPS account and insure for the dollar amount you request.

This system give you more control if you have a damage or lost package.

Before if we shipped on our account and you had damage UPS would pick up the damaged monitor and take to there

claim center then ship back to us. Shipping damaged crt to claim center and back to us usualy trippled the damage

and the repair time. We have been using this system with several customers and they have been very happy.

This can save you some money you have a better rate than we do.

We can also ship on your fedex account.

Due to bad service and other problems we do not ship with DHL

We think the extra paper work with the UPS package will protect your crt.

Below is a sample of our shipping box.

Box is a 16" x16" x16" inside a 20" x20" x20" with 2' foam corner supports between.

Monitor placed face down in smaller box with foam holding in place