VDM Services

CRT replacement

VDM can replace most types of monochrome Or color crt's from 5 to 37 inches

Image burns, dim image, bad focus (remove touch screen from old crt and install on new)

Touch screen replacement

VDM can remove touch screen from crt or lcd and replace with new screen assembly,

also replace touch controler board internal or external

(Most screen failures are from abuse ink pen, credit cards or other things being used )

Back Light and Inverter replacement

VDM can repair back light inverters or provide an upgrade replacement

(inverter Failure is the highest failing part in LCD Panels)

Component level repair

VDM can repair at component level (Including surface mount). Our large stock of components transistors,capacitor,resistors, diodes, passive and activies keep repair times short. Our worldwide parts network and exclusive database's help speed repair work.

Equipment Upgrades and modifications

High failure components replaced with a better grade (inverters and back lights in lcd and power supplies)

Contract Service department

VDM can provide a service department for your product. You supply parts & manuals

we supply the technicians and training for your field people

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